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NodeJS Developer

- Strong proficiency with JavaScript.
- Knowledge of NodeJS and frameworks available for it (such as Express, depending on your technology stack).
- Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds.
- Good understanding of server-side Tempting languages (such as Jade, EJS, etc depending on your technology stack).
- Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.

PHP Developer

- Ensure HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript is valid and consistent across applications.
- Good Knowledge of object-oriented PHP(OOPs).
- Good understanding of Database Concepts.
- Competitive experience in Object-Oriented PHP, Laravel, and multiple PHP Framework.
- Experience in common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, Paytm, etc.).

ReactJS Developer

- Experienced of building front end single page application consuming REST APIs.
- React Component Development: - class and functional component with redux, familiar with lifecycle hooks and React hooks.
- Expertise of functional programming using JavaScript (ES5, ES6).
- Expertise of UI framework - React/Redux, RXJS.
- Preferred experience with new generation of Web Programming - using Micro Service, REST/JSON, Component UI models.
- JSX and Trans-compiler such as Babel.
- Experience with version control systems (e.g. Git, SVN).

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